Annex E Literature Review

Literature Review

By: Ivey Erika

Literature review 


By : Lorraine Keow

Obese Students Obtain Lower Grades.
By : Alyssa Siow

Summary of article
    Basically, the article is telling us about how the obese feel more discriminated by others instead of being accepted as the years past. The article also tells us about a research conducted to find out the reasons why the obese were discriminated.

    The results of the research between two different periods shown that rate of discrimination due to height or weight, which was initially 7%, has increased to 12%. Further research has also shown that discrimination due to age and gender also increased.

  The author feel that this type of discrimination is due to different forms of bias - even though different people has different perceptions of discrimination - and feels that it's up to society to mandate legal protections for those who are overweight. 

By : Jing Han

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