04 Discussion

There are 45 responses to the survey.

The results from the survey shows that people feel that the number of people becoming obese are increasing. When asked for the causes for the rise in obese people, generally people feel that they eat what they want, or there are other reasons. A minority of 7 respondents feels that the reason to why people are obese is because they don't exercise. 

We think the students feel that by increasing the price of unhealthy food and encouraging the obese to exercise would help to reduce the number of obese people. 

The results shows that every student consumes unhealthy food. A huge portion of the students consume unhealthy food once a week. When it comes to exercising, about 51% of the students exercise more than once a week. There is also a handful who exercises everyday or once a week. 

Everyone feels that fast food is not the only reason why people are obese. Most people feel that the reason why people are obese is because they are just too lazy to exercise. 

1 out of 5 people would hesitate and think twice if they should be friends with obese people while the other 4 out of 5 people would not hesitate to make friends with the obese as it would not bother them. A number of people would encourage the obese in the hope of making life easier for them.

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