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Here is the data we collected:

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The above is the kind of responders we had for our survey.

Majority of the audience thinks that more people are getting fatter. Only a minority of them are not sure or do not think so.

There are various responses, but 33% of them, leading to the one with the highest number of respondents compared to the other options replied to the question with 'other' and submitted that they feel that all the above options all contributes to the causes of rise in obese people

Majority of the responses, with 44% are to "Encourage these obese people to exercise more by organising events" . 
Very few of the respondents opted for the option to restrict fast food coupons distributed to the public, this shows that people think that method would not be very effective.

Majority of the responses, being 33%, is "Once a week". Majority of them consume unhealthy food once a week. It shows that they do not go to fast food restaurants often.

Majority of them exercise more than a week. But this may include school CCA's or individual exercising such as exercising after school on a regular basis or on weekends.

All of them do not think that fast food is the only reason that people are obese.

There are varied responses as they can choose more than one option, but the option with the highest percentage is "Too lazy to exercise".

Majority had chosen "No". But there are still those who chose "Yes" which shows that there are people who are not comfortable making friends with obese people.

There are many different responses, majority of the respondents suggested creating campaigns to spread awareness and also to treat them how we would want to be treated by others.

 Most responses were to encourage obese people we know to exercise and also to treat them the way we want to be treated so that they to would not feel too much stress that might lead to negative impacts.

Last Updated: 3rd April 2013

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